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how to cast on


Materials: • Wool • 2 knitting needles What to Do: 1. Make a slip-knot 2. Slip the slip-knot onto one of the needle. 3. Put the needle through the slip-knot. 4. Bring the wool around the back needle and put it inbetween the back and front needle. 5. Push the back needle in through the […]

The lost suitcase


“Grandma,  do you have any pictures of when you were a little girl?” asked Tara, snuggling in close. ” I think I have some great ones of a holiday we went on when I was nine. They’re in a suitcase somewhere,” she replied. Do you know where it is grandma”? “We’ll look in the morning darling.” Ok, goodnight grandma ” said Tara. The next morning […]

Going to scienceworks


“we’re here! We’re here!” I said to my friend Shanice. We were at scienceworks at last. We were going there to look at machines and how they work. We went through the think ahead aarea and the sports area and one show on simple machines. In the think ahead area was all about the future and I […]

Hello world!


hello world my name is lilly .I like to play sports. I swim, dance.I swim twice a week. I have a cat named batman and it’s a girl. I love her! I LOVE the Harry Potter books .i’m up to deathly hollows .I have to little brothers .

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