The lost suitcase


“Grandma,  do you have any pictures of when you were a little girl?” asked Tara, snuggling in close. ” I think I have some great ones of a holiday we went on when I was nine. They’re in a suitcase somewhere,” she replied. Do you know where it is grandma”? “We’ll look in the morning darling.” Ok, goodnight grandma ” said Tara. The next morning Tara asked if she could look for the suitcase. Yes darling we can look after breakfast.” So Tara ate her breakfast. Then they saw a broken window and grandma couldn’t find the suitcase the suitcase has stolen shouted grandma so we couldn’t look at, the pictures stumbled Tara . I’m afraid so said grandma but then they saw a man with the suitcase and he had a chocolate bar but they didn’t want to eat it. When they tied him to a chair and tikled him till it was torture but he hid the suitcase. So the suitcase was never found.               THE END.


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