The one thing I’m looking forward to this term is athletics because I LOVE sport. It’s so much fun. I’m in seven events. Something else I’m looking forward is P.E because I’m always wondering what we’re going to do next. I’m looking forward to the marshmallow machine and spa and a chocolate fountain. The lemonade fountain and every flavour ice cream machine with every flavour, it’s got all the normal flavours like chocolate and Strawberry but there’s pepper and earwax and all the odd flavours. I’m looking forward for the massage machine and the Lolly station with Chocolate frogs and every lolly in the world. I’m also looking forward to the swimming Pool with floaty toys and all the play toys ever. I’m looking forward to the talking monkey that answers all the questions you have so the teacher can sit back and relax and the monkey can do tricks for you when you’re bored in class and school books that help you with ideas for writing and help with math equations. I’m looking forward to have my own detective that solves my own problem but the detective will be small enough to fit in your hand. That is all the things I am looking forward to this year.


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