Letter to Lee


Welcome to 2016 everyone. I had a very good holiday and I hope you did too


I have a cat too. Her name is Batman. I got her when I was two after my other cat died. I don’t remember her though.



During the year I would like to go deeper into what I all ready know on maths. I would love to focus on my spelling. I don’t like writing but I think if I was better a spelling I would enjoy it more. My favourite classroom subject is maths but my overall favourite is sport. I am a very sporty girl and play a team sport on Sunday. The team sport I play is water polo. Water polo game has seven people in total out playing at a time. One person as goalie and the rest trying to shout a goal


On the holidays my grandparent from America came to Australia for six weeks. I had lots of fun and we took them to many places in Melbourne.  I went to Mrytleford with me brother  for a week. We stayed with my Nanna and Pa. My Pa has a farm and I helped him on it. I love going on the farm. There are lots of cows. At the house they live at I help pick the corn and we gave the scrap to the bull.




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