SRC application


I would like to be the class SRC representative because I have never done it before but it is something I have always wanted to do. It will be a very good experience and I would be honoured to be your rep


I believe I would make a good representative because I am very organised and like to make sure everything is done correctly. I will bring my book to every meetings and always where my badge. In my book there will be notes on the conversation and what I need to tell you to sure I make the fundraisers are better than they were in previous years so we raise more money for the school


I will listen to the ideas of the class and take these back to the SRC group.  I also have lots of ideas myself to improve the school and for fundraising.


I don’t mind giving up my lunchtimes because I know I am helping the school.  I promise to always be there on time and to participate in what the group is doing.


And that is why I want 5/6B’s SRC rep for 2016

Thank you

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