100 word challenge #8


I was a dancer but I wasn’t allowed to dance. My parents wanted me to swim. I hate swimming.  I went to my lesson yesterday and something strange happened. I walked past some green gas, well it was likely gas. I jumped into the pool and I started to swim. When I got out  I saw more of the green gas stuff. I came out of the change room and a  green gas monster jumped in front of me. My mum pulled up in the car and I ran to the car. The monster disappeared and my mum said we are never coming back. “Mum remember those dance classes?”

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“100 word challenge #8”

  1. February 25th, 2016 at 4:15 am      Reply Chiara Says:

    Hi Lilly,
    I liked how you started of with some information the character. I was unsure of what it meant when it said “Mum remember those dance classes?” at the end. I loved it!


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