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Today I watch a episode called the senate. This is what I learnt. Before any law can pass it has to be voted in the lower house and then is brought to the senate room. There are 76 senators right around the country, 2 from each territory and 12 for each state and neither of […]

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100 word challenge #11


  I was using the phone when the connection broke, all the lights went out and it was pitch black. All the rooms were silent. Then suddenly there was a noise coming from the door. I went over very slowly because I couldn’t see anything. I opened the door and nobody was there. I went […]



This week’s BTN I watch the episode in the Magna Carta. This is what I learnt.   King John wasn’t supposed to have any power. He was the youngest of a very large royalty family. He raised the taxes that the barons [rich people] had to pay eleven times.  He lost a lot of his […]

100 word challenge #10


I was siting in a bench and I was reading the news paper and something court my eye. it said BREAKING NEWS there is a lady in a red dress in the park turning everyone into stone that she can. she has already turned three men into stone, they were just having a chat. I’m […]

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100 word challenge # 9


The town was going crazy and the evil people coming to invade. They were scared, they were frightened. They came. The evil people invaded and whoever tried to fight them died. It was a sad time. No messages would get to people. People were trapped in their houses and was given horrible food. It was […]

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