How a bill is made


we did a lesson on how to make a bill and we made a bill. if you want to know more click on this link. the lesson.

My group developed a bill on marriage equality. below is what we came up with.

The issue that were are addressing in communities is The Marriage Equality. An act to allow marriage equality

Here are some questions and answers

Why doesn’t Australia allow gay marriage when other countries do? Unfortunately there are many reasons people have proposed but we don’t know for sure.

What is the most recent vote on Same Sex marriage? In 2014 a vote was released say 80% of Australians agree to same sex marriage.

Why does it have to be that if you leave the country, have same gender marriage, then return, to be illegally married? If it is not allowed in Australia you haven’t the permission to receive an official Australian Marriage form.

What is the REAL difference between opposite and same gender marriage? The answer is simply none. They love each other the same and treat them both well.

this is our bill

The Marriage Equality Bill. An Act to Allow Same Sex Couples to get married.

Here are some reasons against our bill

We don’t need this bill though. The Plebiscite will cost way too much money from the Australian government. We need safer roads, more medical research, education funds and so much more. This isn’t even an issue concerning us. Besides kids will be picked on. Their lives do not require this interference. And it’s not just the children’s life we are concerned with. It’s their parents!  These innocent kids could be traumatised! And how awkward would it be? Mother’s Day and Father’s Day? It’s delusional!

Here are some reasons for our bill

When in an emergency you need to sign documents. Deaths, Medical, Adoptions and more. Only partners (in marriage) can sign these documents. Don’t forget the 80% of Australians who agree! How many time could you get voted into government by passing this bill? And what about the fact that’s it’s their choice? If they want to be able to have freedom you should let them.  There are 64 other places globally that allow same sex marriage.

this our improved bill

The Marriage Equality Bill. An Act to Allow Same Sex Couples to get married. It includes a ban on discrimination for same sex marriage.

Here is what i believe

I choose to strongly agree with the marriage equality bill. If this went to the house of reps or even the cabinet I strongly believe that parliament would make it a law, because if the people had to vote the statistics show that 80% of Australians agree and, if we don’t make it a law people would keep on protesting and something bad might happen between the people who agree and the people who don’t agree and it’s their choice

Here’s how i think my group worked

I think my group worked very well because we got the project done in the period of time we were given. I thought we presented it well with three very strong reasons.

Here is some facts, understandings and a question on how a bill is past in Australian Federal government

Before a bill can become a law it has to go through the house of representatives and the senate. The bill is made up in the cabinet and the Governor General has to sign the document before it is an official law. I understand that it is a very long and complicated process and that the bill is an idea for a new law or an idea to change a law. Why is it called a bill?

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