Term 1 reflection


In integrated this term our topic was civics and citizenship. We learnt about government and how the people in the community get a say.  We did a little project on making a bill. In each group there were five or six people. In my group I had myself, Shanice, Zoe, Kate and Sasha.


There are two houses the House of Representatives and the senate. Before it is a law the governor general [the person who represent the Queen] has to sign the document. There are thirteen people that represent you in parliament, one from the House of Representatives that represent the election you live in ad the twelve people that represent your state. I understand why the bill has to pass both houses to become a law and I understand why they ring the bell in the House of Representatives. Why can’t the Queen sign the document instead of the governor general?


The most important thing I learnt is who represents us in parliament. I think that was important because didn’t know who represented me in parliament and that it is a very good thing to know . I learnt that there were two houses and that thirteen people that represents me one in the House of Representatives and that twelve people represent me in the senate. I learnt it by listening in class joining in the conversations and I watch a BTN on the senate. I am going to remember what I have learnt and think about and tell my parents about what I have learnt. I think I achieved my goals because I referred back to my goals in the term and made sure when the opportunities were open to achieve my goals I used it.

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