This BTN article is about ‘the Huddle’ that North Melbourne set up nine years ago. Three pieces of information I got out of this article are the North Melbourne AFL team set up a project called ‘the Huddle’ to help refugee and migrant kids settle into the area. The program gives them a place to study and volunteers help them through their homework. It also encouraging them to enjoy footy too, Nine years ago north Melbourne as struggling for money. After they set up the huddle and the memberships doubled and there finance was back in order and it helps the kids study and also gets refugees involved with local activities. Two understandings I came to after watching the article are the refuges like to get involved with ‘the Huddle’ and ‘the Huddle’ also helps the refuges study and get into university. A question I have about this article is how did North Melbourne lose the money in the first place?


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