Goals and Reflections for Semester 1


My goals for semester 1

What do I want to learn?

This semester I’d like to get better at my editing skills and my spelling skills because when I write I like to get all my ideas down and don’t think about my spelling or my punctuation so it makes it hard to edit. I would like to learn algebra and the topics that you learn in year 5/6 that you don’t learn in the lower grades.

How I would like to learn it?

I will learn this by being organised. To stay focused and do at least to five minutes a day to reach my goal.


Goal reflection for semester 1

My writing has been edited more this term because one of my goals was to edit my writing better.  Learnt lots about editing because we did a few writing and lesson on editing. I also learnt about simple, complex and compound sentences the theme and message of the story and what makes a good story so my writing has been more exciting. I didn’t learn any algebra because in maths we didn’t cover that topic. I would like to do algebra next term because we didn’t do it this semester.

Future goals

This semester I want to learn how to write a short story but have lots of ideas and how to write a good long detailed book and goal reflection. I want to use different words instead of said or and. I want to learn you work out percentages with big numbers and the basic algebra. I want to learn more about the states of matters and chemical and physical changes. I want to learn and use more scientific language.

I will learn this by staying and referring to my goals during the semester.


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