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Prepared Speech Reflection


I did a prepared speech on what if we made drink containers from different substances. The difficulties I had while preparing me is that when I typed my question in Google I didn’t get the answer I wanted. I had to use what new about my question and look up any details I didn’t know. It […]

Mount Alexander Collage Reflection


On the 9th of June we went to Mount Alexander Collage for a science excursion. They showed s lots of demonstrations like the elephant toothpaste experiment. My group got to do a controlled and variable experiment to see who could dissolve a berocca tablet the fastest. The kids from the high school running that experiment […]

Unit 2 reflection


This term in integrated our topic was chemistry/ changing matter. We explored physical and chemical changes and irreversible and reversible changes. We went to Mount Alexander Collage and the some of their students showed us some experiments and some demonstrations. We also conducted an experiment with a partner. My partner was Aryaveer and we conducted […]

100 word challenge #23


I don’t relies it but I daydream a lot and the other day I had the weirdest daydream ever. I imagined what it would be like to have all I could see, I imagined being the richest person in the world and flying over a castle and someone saying it was mine. It was amazing […]

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Science Experiment


In science, Aryaveer and I are doing a science experiment on freezing oil. Our science topic is chemistry/ changing matter. The year 5  standards is on our teachers blog and the rubric on what we are going to be assessed on is this document – Science-Experiment-Lab-Report-Rubric. Aim: To see if the viscosity of oil will effect it from freezing […]



This BTN article was about food and how it is being wasted. Three facts I got from this article are a study from Victoria shows that 3.5 kilograms of food is what people have on their plate each day and only i.2 kilograms is getting eaten which means two thirds ends up in the bin, in […]

100 word challenge #22


As I played my yellow violin, my brother yelled I have eaten your birthday cake. I ran to he kitchen and he hadn’t eaten my birthday cake he just wanted me to stop playing my violin. I ran to mum to tell her what he did and as I went passed the door it swept […]

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This BTN article was about testing of beauty products on animals. Three facts I got out of the article are every year, its estimated people around the world spend more than 250 billion dollars on gels, sprays and pastes that promise a better, more attractive you, it all started mid-way through last century when beauty products […]

100 word challenge #21


A poem The sun is yellow The ground is green People are different And that is amazing The fun parks are fun Sport is fun too Swimming is fun Water polo too Cricket is fun Fun is awesome Amazing is fun Every day is lots of fun Some days are not fun But that is […]

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This BTN article was about indigenous people who fought in the war. Three facts I got out of this article are Charles Allie fought in the light horse brigade in World war 1, Warrant Officer John Enchong, fought in Malaya and the Korean War they were all indigenous people who fought in war, every year they […]

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