This BTN article was about testing of beauty products on animals. Three facts I got out of the article are every year, its estimated people around the world spend more than 250 billion dollars on gels, sprays and pastes that promise a better, more attractive you, it all started mid-way through last century when beauty products started becoming really popular but there weren’t many rules about making sure they were safe. So, some people got burned, scarred or even worse from trying out dodgy ones. It forced countries like the United States to introduce laws that forced companies to make sure their products were safe before they could be sold. At the time, they decided the easiest way to do that was to test them on animals, like rats, rabbits, dogs, cats and guinea pigs. Researchers would put the substances on their skin, to look for blistering or scarring, or in their eyes, to test for redness or burning and in the 80s, word about animal testing got out, and over time angry customers forced companies to look for new ways to test products. Here in Australia animal testing doesn’t happen anymore, but it is still legal and on the shelves you can still find heaps of items tested on animals overseas too. That’s why the Government has now stepped in. The Government announced that by July next year animal testing for cosmetics would be officially banned in Australia. The ban will also apply to new cosmetic products tested on animals overseas but not items which are already stocked in shops. The Government hopes those items will be gradually phased out by the companies that make them as well. The Opposition says it agrees with the changes and has promised to bring in similar laws if elected. Two understandings I got from this article are people didn’t like the animal testing because it is cruel and people thought it was alright to test beauty things but it isn’t. a question  have after watching this article is why hasn’t animal testing stopped in all countries?




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