100 word challenge #23


I don’t relies it but I daydream a lot and the other day I had the weirdest daydream ever. I imagined what it would be like to have all I could see, I imagined being the richest person in the world and flying over a castle and someone saying it was mine. It was amazing but then I became poor out on the streets,hungry, eating food scrapes  and I was lonely. I remember I was running away from were I was staying on the streets. There was a fire and everyone was dying. Scared, I yelled for my Mummy and I said it aloud to the whole class.

My goal was to make my person not to die. I have been doing it a lot lately making my person die right at the end so this time I made it so it was a little sad but not to sad. I thought this weeks prompt fitted my goal well and made my story have a different style.

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