Mount Alexander Collage Reflection


On the 9th of June we went to Mount Alexander Collage for a science excursion. They showed s lots of demonstrations like the elephant toothpaste experiment. My group got to do a controlled and variable experiment to see who could dissolve a berocca tablet the fastest. The kids from the high school running that experiment and my class in partners got to pick a variable. My partnership picked to crush the tablet first. It took us roughly a minute and a half and the controlled took 2 minutes. After that we had a tour of the school. They showed us the main parts of the school.

After that my class had an activity on chemical changes. The two kids running the activity showed us the elephant toothpaste experiment and an experiment where the liquid they poured in a beaker changed colours many times.

Then my class went to another demonstration were we looked a physical changes. We used a lot of dry ice and it was lots of fun. At the end we played a game of bingo were you had to answer questions on physical changes. We learnt that how the atoms move in a soil, liquid and a gas.

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