Unit 2 reflection


This term in integrated our topic was chemistry/ changing matter. We explored physical and chemical changes and irreversible and reversible changes. We went to Mount Alexander Collage and the some of their students showed us some experiments and some demonstrations. We also conducted an experiment with a partner. My partner was Aryaveer and we conducted an experiment were we saw if oil froze and if it was reversible.

Three facts I found interesting were a chemical change is a change where there is a new chemical is formed, a physical change it is the same thing but in a different state of matter of shape like melting ice or a broken plate and when you cook it is a chemical reaction. Two understandings I have are some things are irreversible because of how they have changed and you can skip from a solid to gas and the same the other way. A question I have is any type of cooking a physical. The most important thing I learnt was an experiment is either a physical change or a chemical change.

I learnt it by paying attention in class staying on topic, joining in with conversations and finishing my work on time. I am going to use my knowledge when I get to high school and study science and use my knowledge when someone or myself wants to know the answer to a question. I think I achieved my goal because I learnt what I wanted to learn and more. I learnt that graphs and diagrams work really well and writing a science report takes time. I had a great science report with lots of detail. My partner and I worked really well and found lots of research and put in our science report. Overall it was a really fun topic and I learnt lots.

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