100 word challenge week #1


As I flew over the ice in the plane the ice seemed to be different. It looked purple but then the sunshine got in my eyes. I had to protect them but it was to late. I was blind. I started running around frightened of being blind. I ran to one side of the plane and it tipped, I ran to the other side  of the plane, the plane tipped. I was freaking out. I ran in a random way. I ended up being at the front of the plane and  crashed it. I popped up to the surface of the sea, trapped in the plane.

My goal was to make my character not to die. I usually make them die right at the end of the story and they don’t usually die for a very good reason. I also wanted to leave my story a little it hanging and I think i did that well by saying trapped in the plane s my last sentence.

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