100 word challenge #3


“But how would I know I was only six” I yell at my older sister Prim

“You were running around the front yard with only your undies on” says Prim

“But what about it” I say

“Well if you don’t help me, I am going to tell the whole school” says Prim

“Fine, what do you need help with” I say

“Well I need you to clean my room while I’m at the movies and if you don’t your secret is gone” says Prim

“Now get out of my bedroom” I say

I clean her room it stinks so the next day I say I am never doing it again.

My goal was to have a clear message and make my story more of a conversation. I think I did that well by having a conversation most of the story. I think he message was very clear and I think you an identify it very easily.

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