My Camp Response


“So Lilly when did you go to Canberra camp?”

“I went to Canberra camp in the year 2016. We left on the 8th of August and we got back on the 12th of august. We had lots of fun.”

“What did you do at camp when you first arrived?”

“We had dinner and then went into the room where we were told our cabins. I was in cabin 14, with Chiara, Cara (my friends) Tiia, Charli and Tara. Tara and Charli talked too much. Every night they would go on about stuff. After we settled in we went and watched a movie. The movie was paper planes. We didn’t get to finish it all.

“So you watched the movie paper planes?”

“Yes we did”

“Well it is my favourite movie of all times. So what did you have for dinner Lilly?”

“We had this disgusting rice with a disgusting tomato and meat sauce. Someone died that’s how bad it was.

“Wait that never happened”

“What are you doing here Indigo?”

“Remember you asked me to come and watch backstage”

“Oh yeah”

“Nobody died at school camp but lots of people got sick. Remember”

“Oh Yeah. Well it was so long ago I can’t remember”

“Well let’s give an around of applause to Lilly the girl can’t remember”

“Hey I hate that name”

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