This BTN article was about the war in Vietnam. Three facts I got from this article are North Vietnam was led by people who believed in communism. That’s a system where all citizens work for the government, and in return rely on the government to provide for them. Many in South Vietnam on the other hand didn’t want to live like they had a war, throughout the war almost 60,000 Australians served. But not all of them volunteered. Many were conscripted, which means they were forced to go, through a giant nation-wide lottery. Any 20-year old men in the country could be picked if their birthday was drawn in the draft and All up 521 Aussies died and more than 3000 were wounded in the fighting. Two understandings I got from this article was that people didn’t want to go to war again and Vietnam has two parts the north and the south. A question I have after watching this article was why did the USA start to help South Vietnam.

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