Semester 2 learning goals


What I want to learn.

This semester I want to learn how to write a short story but have lots of ideas and how to write a good long detailed book and goal reflection. I want to use different words instead of said or and. I want to learn how you work out percentages with big numbers and the basic algebra. I want to learn more about the states of matters and chemical and physical changes. I want to learn and use more scientific language.

I will learn this by staying and referring to my goals during the semester.


Mid-Semester reflection

At mid-semester I think I have achieved part of my goals because I haven’t wrote a short story yet. I have a achieved learning the sates of matter and about physical changes and scientific language  in our science unit. I have not achieved my short story but when I write it I will not use said or I as much as I do now.


Goal Reflection

I think I have achieved parts of my goals because in term 4 we focused a lot on narratives. I wrote a short story that had a lot of ideas that I put into one story. I also didn’t use the word said or and as much as I did. Examples are cried. In maths we didn’t learn about percentages or basic algebra. I will try and learn about algebra and percentages at home. This Semester we didn’t focus on the states of matter but in the class we did a space unit so I was able to use scientific language then.

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