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Narrative – The Boy


The crowd was screaming around me. There is five seconds to go. I get the ball and shoot it. My first goal, the winning goal.   I jumped out of the pool wet from the match. I run over to my team and just as I’m about to get to them then I see my […]



This article was about how big a scale model of the solar system really is. Three facts I got from the article where you need 7 miles of empty space to make a scale model of the solar system with earth the size of a marble, in the scale the earth is 167 metres from the […]

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Synopsis and Reflection on Coding


Today at school we did a coding lesson.Coding is what the electronic recognize as a command/ language. We went through a website that told us lots of information on coding. We learnt about where coding is used, what it is for, how to read coding and there were little activities along the way. In the […]

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