Synopsis and Reflection on Coding


Today at school we did a coding lesson.Coding is what the electronic recognize as a command/ language. We went through a website that told us lots of information on coding. We learnt about where coding is used, what it is for, how to read coding and there were little activities along the way. In the activities we played these games that involved using coding to move a robot.We so played that game with our partners. It was a very fun session.

This is my reflection

What I want to learn more about?

I want to learn more about the ways we can get involved with coding and how to use coding on different games and websites.

What I was confused or excited about?

I was a little confused about how you use the brackets at first because I had never seen it before in coding but I got the hang of it by using the games. I was very excited to hear that we were doing coding because we don’t learn about it in the lower years.

How we could improve the program?

Something that could be improved with this program is to teach it to the lower years so we learn a bit about it. I really liked how we worked in a partnership because it meant we could talk and discuss our thoughts.

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