Narrative – The Boy


The crowd was screaming around me. There is five seconds to go. I get the ball and shoot it. My first goal, the winning goal.


I jumped out of the pool wet from the match. I run over to my team and just as I’m about to get to them then I see my dream, a handsome boy walking around the pool. I lose my concentration and fall over. I get up, embarrassed, and start celebrating with my team.


At school, the next day I saw the boy again I haven’t seen him at school before, so he must be new. He starts walking towards me, I turn and walk in the opposite direction but the boy catches up to me.

“Hi,” he says

“Hi,” I say

“I think I saw you at the pool yesterday. You were really good.”


“So what’s your name?”


“Pardon I didn’t hear you?”

“My name is Miranda.”

“Miranda? I like it. So what’s your next class?”

“History. You?”



My cheeks gushed red. A boy who could do maths, that’s Dreamy. I’m not even good at maths let alone study it, I thought to myself. He’s smart.


After history it was raining cats and dogs so I decided to go to the cafeteria. There was the boy again and I remembered I don’t know his name. I went up to him in line.

“Hey” I say

“Oh hey”

“So remember that conversation we had before well, you never told me your name.”

“Well my name is Millard but everyone calls me RD or R2-D2.”


“Well RD it is”

I walk off and someone pulls me into the storage room. Someone puts their hands over my mouth. I look up to see a boy identical to RD.

“Stay away from RD” he says

“Why?” I say but it is muffled by this hand.

“You’re probably wondering why? Well look at this”

He brought up this phone and showed me a picture that had King Charles and Queen Mary with their child in their hands.

“That’s Prince Millard also RD. He likes you and when he likes someone he will not stop until you marry him”

I rip this hand off of my mouth.

“So” I say

“You need to go now!”

“Why? And who are you?”

“He will make your life miserable and I am Millard from the future. I need to go now.”

Future Millard walks out the door, I walk out right behind him and he’s gone. RING RING goes the school bell. I’m going to be late for class. The next couple of days I avoid Millard but on Wednesday he asks me out. It went like this.

“So hey” he says

“Hey” I say

“Do you want to go to the movies tonight?”

“Sorry got lots of homework to do”

“What about tomorrow?”

“Sorry going to a funeral”

“What about the weekend”

“Sorry going shopping for Christmas”

“Christmas is six months away”

“My family celebrates Christmas every six months. Sorry got to get to class”


I walk off really quickly and go into the girls’ bathroom. Future Millard is waiting for me but I don’t notice him until he says

“Hello. That was good getting away from him like that. Now what are you going to do?”


“I was hoping I could get a ride with you to the future.”

“You can’t just do that”

“Then what do I have to do”

“First you need to tell your parents, then you need to find a portal then you jump on it with a handmade 100 sided dice water from the Tasman Sea and then you can go to the future.”

“Where do you find a portal?”

“Well I found mine in a jungle but you can find them pretty much anywhere”

After school I race home and tell Mum that I’m going to Tasmania and I need to be dropped off at the airport with in the next ten minutes. I run inside grab my jacket and my book and jump into the car, waiting for Mum. I look on Ebay for 100 sided dice and find one that only uses up all of my pocket money. I buy it and get it delivered to my house tomorrow. Mum gets in the car and says

“I’m not turning on the car unless you tell me what’s going on”

“Fine well, I’m going to go to the future but I need water from the Tasman Sea so I’m going to Tasmania and tomorrow there will be a 100 sided dice in the mail and I would like you to put it in my bedroom.” I say rapidly

“Slow-down. First of all give me your phone.”


“Just give it to me.”

I give my phone to Mum

“I’m cancelling your plane ticket and the 100 sided dice. We have a 100 sided dice and water from the Tasman Sea in the basement. I once tried to go to the future but I never found he portal, so I will give you the items as long as I can come with you.

“Fine, you can come with me. So I’ve had an idea here the portal is because Millard said he found this in a jungle, so I thought it might be in the woods behind the house.”

While mum goes and gets the stuff, I start to go towards the woods. I see a shiny silver trail and follow it further into the woods then I have ever been and I see the portal but I am lost and my mum won’t know where I am and the trail has disappeared. I find some paper in my pocket and a pen so I decide to make a paper airplane but by the time I’m done I can hear mum. I call out to her and she comes running, I hold my hand out to her and we jump at the same time. I close my eyes and hear a bell I open them and all I can see is white. We made it to the future. My school starts to appear and I see myself. I am definitely in the future.

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