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SRC application


I will be a good SRC because I have done it before and know what to expect. I think this is a good thing because I can help with new people and tell them what to expect.   As an SRC you need to be very organised. Being organised means that you are at the […]

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Hello 2017


Hello 2017 I’m Lilly and I’m in year six. I enjoy maths sport and reading. I love swimming and water polo and train a lot. I have two younger brothers one 9 and one 4. Over the holidays I went to country Victoria to see my Grandparents. We first saw them at Christmas and my […]

Safer Internet Day


Today was Safer Internet Day and our school did a webinar. There were 128 countries involved and we were able to answer questions through TodaysMeet. We learnt that once you start posting things online you form a digital footprint. We learnt  strategies to stop and make sure that we don’t get cyber bullied and what […]

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