Red = facts

blue = questions

green = understanding

This BTN article was about the first fleet. Three facts I got from the article where 11 ships where apart of the first fleet, 6 carried convicts, 2 where navy ships and 3 had supplies. The first fleet left Portsmouth, England on the 13th of May 1787 and arrived on 19th of January 11788 at Botany Bay. Over 700 convicts were on the trip to Australia and about 17 children as well. Two questions I have are, where there people travelling from other countries and that was why there were some many people in England? And why where the English law so strict at that time of history? A understanding I have is that the first fleet was much bigger than I thought it was.    

This BTN article was about when the English can to Australia and what the Aboriginals thought of them.

Three facts I got from the article where the English brought cows to Australia. Smoke keeps mosquitoes away and the Aboriginal called the English the ghost people or the boat people. Two questions I have after watching the article where what did the boat people do to the aboriginals and what did the aboriginals make there tents out off. A understanding I have after the article was the aboriginals where scared of the English.  

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