Causes of Federation


We did a lesson about why Australia became a Federation. We learnt what reasons they had through primary sources (things made at the time) and wrote a either an argument or a short speech set at the time 1899. I wrote an argument and a speech.

My argument was:

I think that is the most important reason is trade because it keeps businesses running. If Australia decided to become a federation it would be easier to trade in different states and there would be no tax. there would be less smuggling because people don’t like paying extra tax and the cost of stuff would be a lot cheaper because people bringing stuff in and out state wouldn’t have to pay tax.

My speech was:

Ladies and gentlemen 

Our trade system is failing to many people are paying tax to bring in supplies but putting the price to high so it is not affordable so we are not getting the food we need, People are starting to smuggle more and more and if we don’t get what we need we might need to too, to survive. But if Australia becomes a Federation we will get the things we need. 


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