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This BTN article was about the threat that North Korea gave Australia. Three facts I got from the article were if North Korea started a nuclear war t wouldn’t last very long because they have an estimate of 10 nuclear weapons compared to Americas and Russia’s estimate of 7,000 nuclear weapons. For around 40 years North Korea has regularly been threatening other countries with war with statements like the one they gave Australia and if they launched one of their nuclear weapons it wouldn’t reach Australia. Two understandings I have after watching the article were Australia is not going to get bombed and we shouldn’t worry about North Korea. A question I have after watching the video was why do North Korea even have nuclear weapons?


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  1. May 7th, 2017 at 10:19 pm      Reply antsclass Says:

    This is a pretty important and difficult issue in today’s world. I’m particularly interested in your insight and question. It is important to realise that, although this is quite a worrying issue, that yes we are lucky to be very safe from all this in Australia. And it is indeed confusing why a country like North Korea would have nuclear weapons. The 20th century history of Korea is quite complex involving a war that led to the current government- a war that was part of a much larger global struggle at the time. It’s very much worth learning more about.
    Great work,

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