Unit 2 reflection


In term 2 our integrated topic was adaptations on desert animals and plants. We had to do a research project on an animal or plant that lives in the Australian desert. Ava and I did our report on the budgerigar (a wild budgie). After we found out the adaptations of the budgerigar we had to conduct a science experiment on one of the adaptations. We did one about the colours of the budgerigars (green and yellow). Overall Ava and I achieved a lot of work. We wrote very detailed paragraphs about the three topics, behavioural and structural adaptations, the environment that it has adapted to and the key adaptation to its survival.

Three facts that surprised me were that their colours help them camouflage and stay cool, they can soak up moisture from dew and that they migrate all year round.

Two understandings I found out were that the budgerigar would not survive if they couldn’t soak up moisture from the dew. This is because if they couldn’t find water they would die of dehydration, because they drink 5.5% of their body weight daily. I also now understand that the budgerigar needs to migrate all year round to stay close to water.  If they stayed in one place their water source would dry out in the hot desert environment. This has made them adapt to the way they nest. Instead of building nests they will nest in hollow logs and trees because they are always moving.

One wondering/question I have is what’s in their feathers that allows them to absorb water more than other birds?

What I learnt:

The most important thing I learnt was to take notes off websites. I used to just copy and paste the information and then try to reword it. I would often find by doing this I would run out of time and just leave it how it was. That was a bad thing and by taking notes it means it is all your work. It also makes it easier to understand the information because when I rewrote it would have been written with words and phrases that I understand.

How I learnt it:

I learnt it by trying something that was recommended by other people in the class that have done it before. The first time I tried it, it was very efficient so I kept using it. I took the notes in a way I would understand it and when I started to write the report it really made sense.

When I will use these skills:

I will use this skill when I am in class and when I have future research reports. It will make me more efficient with my work and will help me understand it better. It will also help me become better at summarising and when needing to take notes they will be clearer.

My goal:

My goal at the start of the year was to work better in a group. It was to let other people have a turn at being leader. I think I did this well as Ava and I were in charge of different things. I was in charge of the adaptations and key adaptations and Ava was in charge of the environment and making the poster. Ava did really good jobs when it came to her sections but when she needed help I helped her.

For my project this term I learnt a lot of new things and it really helped me with my goal. I achieved a lot and I had lots of fun.

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