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100 Word Challenge


I walk into my house my sister Penelope, clutching the straps of my bag. I turn the lights on but they should already be on. I walk to the back room Penelope still behind me. Our Mother should be there and as reach the room, there is nothing. “Where is she?” Penelope asks, her voice […]

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100 word challenge


School was boring, as usual. We all rushed to the door excited to get out but when we reached the doors there was a big, ugly, hungry monster storming through the doors. As it came towards us we all ran down the hall. The teachers ran out of all the classrooms and started to grab […]

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100 word challenge


I stare at the laughter going around the herd. Everything and one laughing at me. I had tried to be big and strong like the other but I was just born this way, small and wimpy. Hunter always got the attention and glory while I’m left to suffer. We are twins except he got the […]

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