100 Word Challenge


I walk into my house my sister Penelope, clutching the straps of my bag. I turn the lights on but they should already be on. I walk to the back room Penelope still behind me. Our Mother should be there and as reach the room, there is nothing.

“Where is she?” Penelope asks, her voice trembling

“I don’t know. Stay close.” I say quietly

We walk upstairs but she’s still not there and then it went dark. Penelope screams and runs downstairs ahead of me. Out mother appears in front of me.

“Where were you?” I ask as the lights come on and she’s gone.

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“100 Word Challenge”

  1. August 31st, 2017 at 6:27 am      Reply Aaliyah Says:

    Hi Lilly really good 100word challenge but i think you should use the prompt. But i like how you grabbed the reader’s attention and left suspense at the end.

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