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100 Word Challenge


I heard my big sister Marnie scream and then as the door slammed, I knew exactly what was going on. She screamed again so I went downstairs. I walked to Marnie room and looked in her and I found her staring at her phone. She screamed again. “Did you get them?” “Yes. Of course I […]

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100 word challenge


Rose took me over to the pool in her back yard. It had a thick layer leaves scattered all other the top. It had strange objects floating in the water. The water was green and smelt really bad. It was really small and nothing grew around it, not even weeds. “Come on let’s get in.” […]

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Goals for Semester 4


Work and study: This term I want to improve on my poetry. I want to make it more beautiful, have meaning and I want to be proud of it. I also want to learn how to code small machines and robots. List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to […]

100 word challenge


Lila pulled it towards her face. The soft light brown material was different from anything else. Its green eyes were scratched from old age. The neck was floppy and it made her head fall all the time. The body had too much stuffing and was very puffy. The extra stuffing had come from the neck. […]

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