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100 word challenge


Caramel my dog ran ahead of me as I hurried out the door. Sam calls me right as my phones battery dies so I can’t answer her. Caramel was very energetic today so she was almost running circles around me. When I got to school I realised that my white sandwich had turned green. I […]

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100 Word Challenge


Dark Brown Hooded Creature Making His Way Across The Dark Hallway . Then Appeared A Man Also Cloaked . His Cloak Was Red . Blood Red . The Red Cloaked Man Watched The Other Cloaked Creature . He Watched And Stared . The Cloaked Creature Watched And Stared As Well . The Creature Waited For […]

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100 word challenge


We heard our Mum’s car pull up in front of the house. “Where will we hide it all?” my sister shrieked. We had all the food laid out on my bed. All the chocolate, lollies and chips. “Under the bed” I yell “But she will see it” “Then start eating” My sister and I then […]

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Squelch, thongs flop Snap, caps stretch Splash, people jump Swish, water moves Pop, balls bounce Wack, goalies groan Giggles, echo around

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100 word challenge


I was swimming when it all started. First the flames appeared from the window overlooking the soccer field. Then everyone started to celebrate. They all started to cheer and dance. I started to ask everyone what was going on but they were too busy celebrating. Finally a lady in a bright blue dress told me […]

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