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100 word challenge


The girls turn a corner of the dark and dusty cave. “Look! There’s a light.” Mimi yells “I know, but that doesn’t mean it’s a way out. We’ve been stuck in here for hours.” Abigail complains “Mimi, why did you even bring us here in the first place? I thought you knew where you were […]

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This BTN was about the high court and what they do. Three facts that were in the BTN were that there are there are seven judges in the high court and the Chief justice is Susan Kiefel. She is the first female to have this position. The high court is very busy recently as its […]

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100 word challenge


Mike and Kye raced ahead of their Mum. They stopped right in the middle of the patch of lawn. “You want to have the picnic there.” Their Mum yelled out “No look.” Kye yelled back pointing to the ground. Their eyes where wide and staring at the ground. When there Mum caught up to them […]

100 Word Challenge


I walk into my house my sister Penelope, clutching the straps of my bag. I turn the lights on but they should already be on. I walk to the back room Penelope still behind me. Our Mother should be there and as reach the room, there is nothing. “Where is she?” Penelope asks, her voice […]

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100 word challenge


School was boring, as usual. We all rushed to the door excited to get out but when we reached the doors there was a big, ugly, hungry monster storming through the doors. As it came towards us we all ran down the hall. The teachers ran out of all the classrooms and started to grab […]

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100 word challenge


I stare at the laughter going around the herd. Everything and one laughing at me. I had tried to be big and strong like the other but I was just born this way, small and wimpy. Hunter always got the attention and glory while I’m left to suffer. We are twins except he got the […]



Today the 18th of July I am going to china. What makes this trip special is that I won’t be going with my parents. I will be going with four other kids and one of their dads. The link below will take you to a blog which will be updated with what I am doing […]

Adaptations on Budgerigars


This term Ava and I wrote an information report on the adaptations of a budgerigar. This is the report. Budgerigars and also known as the common parrot, are green and yellow native birds to the Australian dessert. They have been adapting and living in Australia for over 5 million years. Adaptations Predictions Budgerigar’s feathers are […]

Unit 2 reflection


In term 2 our integrated topic was adaptations on desert animals and plants. We had to do a research project on an animal or plant that lives in the Australian desert. Ava and I did our report on the budgerigar (a wild budgie). After we found out the adaptations of the budgerigar we had to […]

Predictions on the adaptations of a wild budgerigars


We are doing a research project on animal adaptations on the budgerigars. We have to make predictions on what their adaptations are. 1 A budgerigar feathers are able to absorb water so they can go longer periods of time without water 2 They are brightly coloured (yellow and green) so the sun light reflects off […]

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