100 word challenge


I race into the cafe to get in the line. I need to get in line for the fastest eaten burger. I finally get to the front and get given a burger. It has three pieces of meat and lots of pieces of cheese lettuce and tomato. The judge is ready and says go. Everyone starts eating but on everyone’s first bite our hands turn to stone and then our arms right down to our legs, and then it starts to creep up to our heads. It is a slow and painful death as it takes over our brain slowly and our body disintegrating.


My goal was to make it have a problem but there not to be a solution. I did this by making the character die.

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100 word challenge


I run to one side of the wide bridge jumping of as it collapses behind me. I land in the water with a small splash and start to swim to the river bank when I reach it I find out it is already occupied by a crocodile. The crocodile is staring at me with its orange eyes and is starting to enter the water. I start to panic about what it will do to me. When the crocodile is within two metres of reach, I run for it. I run to a shop just as it snapped its jaw behind me.

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100 word challenge


I just couldn’t eat something so disgusting. It was green and slimy and there was a giant bowl of it. It had little black spots through it that were the size of water melon seeds. It was the consistency of jelly. I took the spoon from bedside it still looking at the gloop. I take the tiniest of bites and spit it out as soon as it touches my tongue. It tastes like broccoli and green apple put together with water melon rind. And the little black spots are pitaya seeds. I take it to the toilet and flush it away.

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100 word challenge


Drip, drip the sound I awaken to, drip, drip. I sit up wondering where the nose is coming from. Drip, drip. I see the slime drip through my window. Drip, drip the green slippery slime dripping through my window. A monster shape is made out of the slime. It screams, screams at me really loud. I think it’s trying to speak to me but in its own language.

“Hello” I say quietly so I don’t wake anyone else in the house. The monster screams back at me. I grab a jar and open the lid. I let the slime slide into the jar as a pet.

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100 word challenge


Pushing the big ball of something every day every night, I don’t even know what it but my queen told me to push it till I reach him. I don’t know who he is. I hate the world I hate the universe I hate being small. The way my queen chose me out of all my brothers and sisters how she values all of them but me, the way she chose me to go alone on the ling and daring trip as if she wanted me to die. but I am going to survive to prove her wrong.


my goal was to just talk about the emotions in the characters head. I think I achieved this by talking about the ants hate for his queen and how he wants to rove her wrong.


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100 word challenge


I’m stuck, stuck in a wall.

Scared, scared of the wall.

Still, still as the wall.

I want to run but I am frozen

Frozen to the wall

Afraid, afraid of the wall

Grounded, grounded to the wall

I want to jump but I am glued

Glued to the wall

Terrified, terrified of the wall

Attached, attached to the wall

I want to scream but I am cold

Cold as the wall

Stranded, stranded to the wall

Feared, Feared by the wall

I want to go away from the wall but I have turned to stone.


My goal this week was to write a poem. I find writing poems very difficult so that why I gave it a try. It took me a while but I think I achieved my goal of writing a poem.

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100 word Challenge


My beautiful brown hair flapping behind me, swaying is the wind. Something is follow me. I am worried. I am scared. Something hard hits me from the left and then the right. I turn as quickly as I can to see who it is but all I see is a camera. Something hard hits me again and this time on my head. I fall to the ground. Unconscious. I wake up on a bed with darkness around me. The only sound is a car, but the sound fades. A door opens and I am blinded with the bright light.

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100 word challenge


The mice always race in and out of my room and the like to whisper to me and they are so tiny. One time they performed a circus for me and all I was thinking was but how can something so tiny do that. They also do my homework for me once a week if I make them clothes. They are super smart.   They are so adorable and wear them all the time. I also make them circus equipment and help them with new tricks. There like my tiny best friends that I play with at night.

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100 word challenge #1


The reason I am always last is because I am cursed. It all started when I was seven, I was walking through the forest behind my house and I came across a pixie. She was a very grumpy pixie and wanted me to go away but I was just so fascinated by the blue face she had. I followed her deep into the forest where thick and tall. Then she stopped and she said,

“If you don’t go, I will curse you with lastness.”

I was to fascinated that I kept on following her and she cursed me for life.

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100 word challenge


I got what I’ve always wanted. I got it. I got it. A little sister. I have always wanted a little sister. I have twelve brothers and I am sick of having them run up and down the hallway by my bedroom yelling at each other. They make lots of nose and the do it on purpose when I’m doing my homework but now I have a sister. The first night she came home she just kept keeping me a wake. She cried and screamed and cried again. She kept me up all night. I hate having siblings, I hate them all.

My goal was to make my story based on my life. the parts that are based on my life is that I want to have a sister and my brothers do run up and down the hallway making a lot of nose while I am in the middle of my homework.

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