Hello 2017


Hello 2017

I’m Lilly and I’m in year six. I enjoy maths sport and reading. I love swimming and water polo and train a lot. I have two younger brothers one 9 and one 4.

Over the holidays I went to country Victoria to see my Grandparents. We first saw them at Christmas and my brother and I went back up to stay a week. It was very hot and we played in water a lot. We usually go up every holidays and have lots of fun.

In school I love maths because I love numbers and working with them. I find that when I work with numbers that I pick up strategies easily. I also find it fun when all we do is get given a whole lot of equations. I think I work with numbers well and would like to learn more and different strategies.

I also would like to improve on my spelling. It has always been a goal of mine but the more I have been reading over the past year has improved it a lot. In spelling I always stumble over words that are good words to describe items but I don’t end up using them because I have no idea how to spell them. I don’t like writing because of spelling and I always have good ideas. I think improving my spelling will make my writing my writing more interesting and make me more interested too.

Something I am excited about this term is camp. We are going to Cape Bridgwater Coastal Camp. It is by the beach and we are doing some fun and exciting activities, including surfing, night walks, snorkelling and sand boarding.  I am super excited and can’t wait.

I hope you like reading about me,


Passage Master


The passage master is in charge of finding one interesting line or paragraph and share it with the group. the passage master must record what page and paragraph so the group can go back and reread it. Then they discuss why the passage master picked the passage.

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