Data set

USA 42066

Holland 26544

Canada 35222

Australia 34835

Belgium 32641

Germany 32349

Taiwan 31346

UK 31217

Japan 30866

France 30062

Spain 26662

Italy 26370

Greece 26313

Korea 25256


USA is the richest and Korea is the poorest. The different between USA and Korea is $16810. Spain Italy and Greece are almost the same in wealth. This graph is the right kind of graph because you use a bar graph for categorical data and are large amounts and our data it both of those things.

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maths reflection


I chose break the problem into manageable parts but when I started solving it I used test all possibilities. I think I can reflect on the lesson any lesson  better now I have had it explained it me more deeply. I learnt how to go more deeply into the problem that I was solving.




The Mathematicians toolbox has 12 strategies. They are:

.Break problem into manageable parts.

.Make a model.

.Act it out.

.Make a table or list.

.Guess check and improve.

.Have I seen a problem?

.Test all possibilities.

.Find an exception to the rule.

.Look for and describe with a pattern or rule.

.Write a sum or number sentence.

.Draw a diagram or graph.

.Work backwards.

They are the 12 strategies.

Draw a diagram or graph is when you have data you can draw a graph to find which is the most or when you have a problem you can draw a picture but if it was something that would be long just draw little circles but not to small.


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