I grab my board and race for the water. Getting to big waves took some time, I get there and jump up when the time is right. It is so much fun, hearing the people around me for the glimpse of a second and then. Splash, into the water I go. My mouth fill with salty water. Totally gross. I come to the surface grabbing my board and off I go again, joining back up with Juliet. Splash, I go again, Splash, Splash I wipe-out many times always filling my mouth salt but it feels like it’s filling me with joy. Falling off is the best part. Then suddenly we have to go back to shore.

“Do we have to come in” I groan “I could stay out there until I get hungry”

I start to pull of my wetsuit. It’s so hard and sticky and it makes this peeling kinda sound. It also smells of salt, the salt of joy. I don’t want to take it off and I don’t want to leave the beach.

We walk back to camp and up the stairs, stairs of doom. The stones the rocks the dirt and the sand is not a great combination. And every time you went to the beach you had to go up and down up and down. The only good part was the view. The view was magnificent. The bay was calm just like the day was. Later that day we did the talent contest. The music and the sounds and the talent was amazing. But my group was fantastic. We did a parody to can’t stop the feeling but it was can’t stop the Clinton. We sang and we danced and ended up coming second by half a point. It was the end of such a great day.

Hello 2017


Hello 2017

I’m Lilly and I’m in year six. I enjoy maths sport and reading. I love swimming and water polo and train a lot. I have two younger brothers one 9 and one 4.

Over the holidays I went to country Victoria to see my Grandparents. We first saw them at Christmas and my brother and I went back up to stay a week. It was very hot and we played in water a lot. We usually go up every holidays and have lots of fun.

In school I love maths because I love numbers and working with them. I find that when I work with numbers that I pick up strategies easily. I also find it fun when all we do is get given a whole lot of equations. I think I work with numbers well and would like to learn more and different strategies.

I also would like to improve on my spelling. It has always been a goal of mine but the more I have been reading over the past year has improved it a lot. In spelling I always stumble over words that are good words to describe items but I don’t end up using them because I have no idea how to spell them. I don’t like writing because of spelling and I always have good ideas. I think improving my spelling will make my writing my writing more interesting and make me more interested too.

Something I am excited about this term is camp. We are going to Cape Bridgwater Coastal Camp. It is by the beach and we are doing some fun and exciting activities, including surfing, night walks, snorkelling and sand boarding.  I am super excited and can’t wait.

I hope you like reading about me,


Passage Master


The passage master is in charge of finding one interesting line or paragraph and share it with the group. the passage master must record what page and paragraph so the group can go back and reread it. Then they discuss why the passage master picked the passage.

Prepared Speech Reflection


I did a prepared speech on what if we made drink containers from different substances.

The difficulties I had while preparing me is that when I typed my question in Google I didn’t get the answer I wanted. I had to use what new about my question and look up any details I didn’t know. It was challenging at first but I got through it in the end and delivered the speech on time. My strongest point was that lots of different substances. Like diamond and rubber paper wood jelly stone and lots more. To improve my speech I think I could have finished writing it earlier so I could have rehearsed it in front of a crowed so I wouldn’t have been as scared. My speaking and listening skills will help me in other lessons. It will help me improve on speaking in class and join in with more conversations. I think that is a very good skill to help me improve for debates and my speech on why I would like to be school captain.

This is my prepared speech

Today I will be presenting my prepared speech on what would happen if we made drink containers from a different substance.

Most drink containers are made out of plastic or metal.  The ability of other substances to be a drink container will depend on the properties of the replacement substance.

For example if a drink container was made out of wood it would soak up the water and the drink container would become wet and start to grow moss. It is also very hard to clean wood and dry the wood.

If we made drink bottles out of paper the paper would get soggy and the drink bottle would not hold its shape and the water would leak out.

If a drink container was made out of rubber it would hold the water and it could be carried around.  However the water would get funny taste from the rubber.

A drink container made out of Jelly just wouldn’t work as the jelly would dissolve into the water.   It also is not strong enough to be carried around.

Diamond is a very hard substance so it will not be able to form a shape of a drink container. It is also very expensive because it’s very rare. Also you wouldn’t be able find diamond the size of a drink container and if you did it would cost billions of dollars.

Stones would not make a good drink container because they are too heavy to carry around and it is also a hard substance so it is hard to form a good shape.

As you can see this is why we decided to make drink containers out of plastic and metal.

Mount Alexander Collage Reflection


On the 9th of June we went to Mount Alexander Collage for a science excursion. They showed s lots of demonstrations like the elephant toothpaste experiment. My group got to do a controlled and variable experiment to see who could dissolve a berocca tablet the fastest. The kids from the high school running that experiment and my class in partners got to pick a variable. My partnership picked to crush the tablet first. It took us roughly a minute and a half and the controlled took 2 minutes. After that we had a tour of the school. They showed us the main parts of the school.

After that my class had an activity on chemical changes. The two kids running the activity showed us the elephant toothpaste experiment and an experiment where the liquid they poured in a beaker changed colours many times.

Then my class went to another demonstration were we looked a physical changes. We used a lot of dry ice and it was lots of fun. At the end we played a game of bingo were you had to answer questions on physical changes. We learnt that how the atoms move in a soil, liquid and a gas.

Unit 2 reflection


This term in integrated our topic was chemistry/ changing matter. We explored physical and chemical changes and irreversible and reversible changes. We went to Mount Alexander Collage and the some of their students showed us some experiments and some demonstrations. We also conducted an experiment with a partner. My partner was Aryaveer and we conducted an experiment were we saw if oil froze and if it was reversible.

Three facts I found interesting were a chemical change is a change where there is a new chemical is formed, a physical change it is the same thing but in a different state of matter of shape like melting ice or a broken plate and when you cook it is a chemical reaction. Two understandings I have are some things are irreversible because of how they have changed and you can skip from a solid to gas and the same the other way. A question I have is any type of cooking a physical. The most important thing I learnt was an experiment is either a physical change or a chemical change.

I learnt it by paying attention in class staying on topic, joining in with conversations and finishing my work on time. I am going to use my knowledge when I get to high school and study science and use my knowledge when someone or myself wants to know the answer to a question. I think I achieved my goal because I learnt what I wanted to learn and more. I learnt that graphs and diagrams work really well and writing a science report takes time. I had a great science report with lots of detail. My partner and I worked really well and found lots of research and put in our science report. Overall it was a really fun topic and I learnt lots.

Science Experiment


In science, Aryaveer and I are doing a science experiment on freezing oil. Our science topic is chemistry/ changing matter. The year 5  standards is on our teachers blog and the rubric on what we are going to be assessed on is this document – Science-Experiment-Lab-Report-Rubric.

Aim: To see if the viscosity of oil will effect it from freezing and to observe if the viscosity will affect whether it is reversible and the speed.

Hypothesis/prediction: We predict that the viscosity of the oil will make the oil freeze at a very cold temperature and it will take a longer amount of time compared to the water. The viscosity is thick which will effect the way that it is freezes. It will melt slower because the thickness might take longer to get back to its original state.

This is a method download.


First taken out of freezer oil looks like butter

Both melting very quickly, water melting faster

Oil started melting very quickly faster than water

Oil took 22 minuets

Water took 32 minuets

Oil felt oily

Before                                                                            After

WIN_20160620_102758 (2)          WIN_20160620_113032 (2)

Discussions: Oil is a lipids. They freeze at a very cold temperature after a long period of time because lipids can nearly stay in the same form no matter what the temperature unlike water. Lipids don’t have an significant freezing or melting point. They will slow down or stop depending on the temperature. The lipids caused the oil to freeze because our freezer was -10 degreese Celsius

Conclusion: Our prediction was that the frozen oil cubes would melt slower than the ice cubes but it did the opposite. The oil cubes melted 16 minutes faster than the oil cubes. This happened because oil is a lipid. They do not need a lot of heat to get to their back to there original state. We also predicted that the oil would freeze and it did. A future experiment we think we could do is a ice experiment we found on the internet. If you would like to look at it this is the website – ice experiment

Our glossary is this document – Glossary

Magic in Trouble


I had to write this story for an assessment. After we had to edited and improve our story, I changed the start and the ending but the middle is the same. My story is about a girl who can do magic and gets captured by the king and how she escapes. I based my story on the TV show Merlin. Merlin is about the king servant that can do magic and he saves the king with it. It is very adventures just like my story. In class we started to learn about the theme and message. I revised that my story didn’t have a very strong theme and message so that’s what got me to change my story.


I Got This Hat


I got this hat when I turned six. I had to wrestle a crocodile, swing through the forest to get away from the monkeys, swim through the Amazon river to out run the elephants, run through the burning town to chase the lion, dive into  a swimming pool to save the baby with my hat, jump into a volcano to get it of Super Man with Batman saving me, falling of a tower that was 500 meters tall casing a bird that had flown away with my hat, ride a motorbike down a beach to chase a cheater, until my brother screamed and I realised it was all a dream.



Goals and Reflections for Semester 1


My goals for semester 1

What do I want to learn?

This semester I’d like to get better at my editing skills and my spelling skills because when I write I like to get all my ideas down and don’t think about my spelling or my punctuation so it makes it hard to edit. I would like to learn algebra and the topics that you learn in year 5/6 that you don’t learn in the lower grades.

How I would like to learn it?

I will learn this by being organised. To stay focused and do at least to five minutes a day to reach my goal.


Goal reflection for semester 1

My writing has been edited more this term because one of my goals was to edit my writing better.  Learnt lots about editing because we did a few writing and lesson on editing. I also learnt about simple, complex and compound sentences the theme and message of the story and what makes a good story so my writing has been more exciting. I didn’t learn any algebra because in maths we didn’t cover that topic. I would like to do algebra next term because we didn’t do it this semester.

Future goals

This semester I want to learn how to write a short story but have lots of ideas and how to write a good long detailed book and goal reflection. I want to use different words instead of said or and. I want to learn you work out percentages with big numbers and the basic algebra. I want to learn more about the states of matters and chemical and physical changes. I want to learn and use more scientific language.

I will learn this by staying and referring to my goals during the semester.


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