SRC application


I would like to be the class SRC representative because I have never done it before but it is something I have always wanted to do. It will be a very good experience and I would be honoured to be your rep


I believe I would make a good representative because I am very organised and like to make sure everything is done correctly. I will bring my book to every meetings and always where my badge. In my book there will be notes on the conversation and what I need to tell you to sure I make the fundraisers are better than they were in previous years so we raise more money for the school


I will listen to the ideas of the class and take these back to the SRC group.  I also have lots of ideas myself to improve the school and for fundraising.


I don’t mind giving up my lunchtimes because I know I am helping the school.  I promise to always be there on time and to participate in what the group is doing.


And that is why I want 5/6B’s SRC rep for 2016

Thank you

Letter to Lee


Welcome to 2016 everyone. I had a very good holiday and I hope you did too


I have a cat too. Her name is Batman. I got her when I was two after my other cat died. I don’t remember her though.



During the year I would like to go deeper into what I all ready know on maths. I would love to focus on my spelling. I don’t like writing but I think if I was better a spelling I would enjoy it more. My favourite classroom subject is maths but my overall favourite is sport. I am a very sporty girl and play a team sport on Sunday. The team sport I play is water polo. Water polo game has seven people in total out playing at a time. One person as goalie and the rest trying to shout a goal


On the holidays my grandparent from America came to Australia for six weeks. I had lots of fun and we took them to many places in Melbourne.  I went to Mrytleford with me brother  for a week. We stayed with my Nanna and Pa. My Pa has a farm and I helped him on it. I love going on the farm. There are lots of cows. At the house they live at I help pick the corn and we gave the scrap to the bull.




link to Lees post

AT LAST THE RAIN began-Daly Dash


At last the rain began! The crop was about to die. It would have dead if it wasn’t for the rain and the cows would have died without the grass. After I can jump in the puddles. Life is fun on the farm. I can dance in the rain. L can have a picnic whenever I want. L can snake on fruit whenever I want and cook apple pie and apple crumble with the cooking apples we grow. I can play with my pet dog and have lots of fun. I can all get all mucky and mum will not care. I can help dad on the farm with rounding the cows. I can make orange juice whenever I can. I can eat chocolate strawberries when we have chocolate.



The one thing I’m looking forward to this term is athletics because I LOVE sport. It’s so much fun. I’m in seven events. Something else I’m looking forward is P.E because I’m always wondering what we’re going to do next. I’m looking forward to the marshmallow machine and spa and a chocolate fountain. The lemonade fountain and every flavour ice cream machine with every flavour, it’s got all the normal flavours like chocolate and Strawberry but there’s pepper and earwax and all the odd flavours. I’m looking forward for the massage machine and the Lolly station with Chocolate frogs and every lolly in the world. I’m also looking forward to the swimming Pool with floaty toys and all the play toys ever. I’m looking forward to the talking monkey that answers all the questions you have so the teacher can sit back and relax and the monkey can do tricks for you when you’re bored in class and school books that help you with ideas for writing and help with math equations. I’m looking forward to have my own detective that solves my own problem but the detective will be small enough to fit in your hand. That is all the things I am looking forward to this year.


how to cast on


• Wool
• 2 knitting needles
What to Do:
1. Make a slip-knot
2. Slip the slip-knot onto one of the needle.
3. Put the needle through the slip-knot.
4. Bring the wool around the back needle and put it inbetween the back and front needle.
5. Push the back needle in through the wool and put the new loop onto the other needle.
6. Repeat steps 2-5 until you have as many stiches as you want.

The lost suitcase


“Grandma,  do you have any pictures of when you were a little girl?” asked Tara, snuggling in close. ” I think I have some great ones of a holiday we went on when I was nine. They’re in a suitcase somewhere,” she replied. Do you know where it is grandma”? “We’ll look in the morning darling.” Ok, goodnight grandma ” said Tara. The next morning Tara asked if she could look for the suitcase. Yes darling we can look after breakfast.” So Tara ate her breakfast. Then they saw a broken window and grandma couldn’t find the suitcase the suitcase has stolen shouted grandma so we couldn’t look at, the pictures stumbled Tara . I’m afraid so said grandma but then they saw a man with the suitcase and he had a chocolate bar but they didn’t want to eat it. When they tied him to a chair and tikled him till it was torture but he hid the suitcase. So the suitcase was never found.               THE END.


Hello world!


hello world
my name is lilly .I like to play sports. I swim, dance.I swim twice a week. I have a cat named batman and it’s a girl. I love her! I LOVE the Harry Potter books .i’m up to deathly hollows .I have to little brothers .

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