I grab my board and race for the water. Getting to big waves took some time, I get there and jump up when the time is right. It is so much fun, hearing the people around me for the glimpse of a second and then. Splash, into the water I go. My mouth fill with salty water. Totally gross. I come to the surface grabbing my board and off I go again, joining back up with Juliet. Splash, I go again, Splash, Splash I wipe-out many times always filling my mouth salt but it feels like it’s filling me with joy. Falling off is the best part. Then suddenly we have to go back to shore.

“Do we have to come in” I groan “I could stay out there until I get hungry”

I start to pull of my wetsuit. It’s so hard and sticky and it makes this peeling kinda sound. It also smells of salt, the salt of joy. I don’t want to take it off and I don’t want to leave the beach.

We walk back to camp and up the stairs, stairs of doom. The stones the rocks the dirt and the sand is not a great combination. And every time you went to the beach you had to go up and down up and down. The only good part was the view. The view was magnificent. The bay was calm just like the day was. Later that day we did the talent contest. The music and the sounds and the talent was amazing. But my group was fantastic. We did a parody to can’t stop the feeling but it was can’t stop the Clinton. We sang and we danced and ended up coming second by half a point. It was the end of such a great day.

Mount Alexander Collage Reflection


On the 9th of June we went to Mount Alexander Collage for a science excursion. They showed s lots of demonstrations like the elephant toothpaste experiment. My group got to do a controlled and variable experiment to see who could dissolve a berocca tablet the fastest. The kids from the high school running that experiment and my class in partners got to pick a variable. My partnership picked to crush the tablet first. It took us roughly a minute and a half and the controlled took 2 minutes. After that we had a tour of the school. They showed us the main parts of the school.

After that my class had an activity on chemical changes. The two kids running the activity showed us the elephant toothpaste experiment and an experiment where the liquid they poured in a beaker changed colours many times.

Then my class went to another demonstration were we looked a physical changes. We used a lot of dry ice and it was lots of fun. At the end we played a game of bingo were you had to answer questions on physical changes. We learnt that how the atoms move in a soil, liquid and a gas.

Camp Curumbene


There were eight activities. I loved then all but Low Ropes. Low Ropes was a bit boring. The people I had in my cabin were Me, Shanice, charlotte, Chiara, Tia, Amy, Phoebe, Stella, Sarah and Ella-Lu. The eight activities were Initiatives, Orienteering, Archery, Abseiling, Canoeing, Flying Fox, Rock Climbing and Low Ropes. We had a big campfire and we had smores and roasted marshmallows with it. We went on a big night walk. We had a disco one night too. I had breakfast duty the second day. There were two goats called Rock and Roll and two elpackes. There was a really big storm and after that we found two sparrow on the tennis court. There was  tug of war and my team won. we were called the allstars. it was so much fun!  IMG_2277

Almost Alice


Today was the day I had been waiting for… The Concert. I was the Queen of Heats with my Friends Melliss and Sarah. We were in groups and each groups had a rhyme about Alice in Wonderland. That’s why it’s called Almost Alice. We had a matinee concert and an evening concert. We were the firth class. I had so much fun!!!!!!!!


Going to scienceworks


“we’re here! We’re here!” I said to my friend Shanice. We were at scienceworks at last. We were going there to look at machines and how they work. We went through the think ahead aarea and the sports area and one show on simple machines. In the think ahead area was all about the future and I made my future car and in the sports aera the running race and the rock climbing wall was intresting. I did the bike and skeliton thing. I saw how tall I am. We went into the rescue area and I went on the water skiing rescue thing and it was hard. I did the put out the fire thing. On the way back to school I got the seat that turns when you go around a cornner because we had a strecy bus. It was so much fun and we got back to school.

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