SRC application


I will be a good SRC because I have done it before and know what to expect. I think this is a good thing because I can help with new people and tell them what to expect.


As an SRC you need to be very organised. Being organised means that you are at the meetings on time. It also that you can do extra work and help out with fundraisers.

I am very organised because I do a lot of sport meaning that I have to juggle my homework. I am also very organised when it comes to school work. In class we have to be organised with our books and also when it comes to swimming competitions. An example is at the school swimming carnival I was very organised with my events and also the rest of my team because I am vice-captain


I will listen to the ideas of the class and take these back to the SRC group.  I also have lots of ideas myself to improve the school and for fundraising. I am always open for new ideas for the SRC to help or school and other communities.


I don’t mind giving up my lunchtimes because I know I am helping the school.  I promise to always be there on time and to participate in what the group is doing.


And that is why I want 5/6C’s SRC rep for 2017

Thank you

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Prepared Speech Reflection


I did a prepared speech on what if we made drink containers from different substances.

The difficulties I had while preparing me is that when I typed my question in Google I didn’t get the answer I wanted. I had to use what new about my question and look up any details I didn’t know. It was challenging at first but I got through it in the end and delivered the speech on time. My strongest point was that lots of different substances. Like diamond and rubber paper wood jelly stone and lots more. To improve my speech I think I could have finished writing it earlier so I could have rehearsed it in front of a crowed so I wouldn’t have been as scared. My speaking and listening skills will help me in other lessons. It will help me improve on speaking in class and join in with more conversations. I think that is a very good skill to help me improve for debates and my speech on why I would like to be school captain.

This is my prepared speech

Today I will be presenting my prepared speech on what would happen if we made drink containers from a different substance.

Most drink containers are made out of plastic or metal.  The ability of other substances to be a drink container will depend on the properties of the replacement substance.

For example if a drink container was made out of wood it would soak up the water and the drink container would become wet and start to grow moss. It is also very hard to clean wood and dry the wood.

If we made drink bottles out of paper the paper would get soggy and the drink bottle would not hold its shape and the water would leak out.

If a drink container was made out of rubber it would hold the water and it could be carried around.  However the water would get funny taste from the rubber.

A drink container made out of Jelly just wouldn’t work as the jelly would dissolve into the water.   It also is not strong enough to be carried around.

Diamond is a very hard substance so it will not be able to form a shape of a drink container. It is also very expensive because it’s very rare. Also you wouldn’t be able find diamond the size of a drink container and if you did it would cost billions of dollars.

Stones would not make a good drink container because they are too heavy to carry around and it is also a hard substance so it is hard to form a good shape.

As you can see this is why we decided to make drink containers out of plastic and metal.

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