100 word challenge


Mike and Kye raced ahead of their Mum. They stopped right in the middle of the patch of lawn.

“You want to have the picnic there.” Their Mum yelled out

“No look.” Kye yelled back pointing to the ground. Their eyes where wide and staring at the ground. When there Mum caught up to them her eyes widen. There were two big holes shaped as footprints. They were two big and two deep to be human. Mike’s foot compared, was at least three times smaller. Then there was a growl and a monster appeared. It was brown and it could reach a passing airplane.

“Hello, can I be your friend?”

100 word challenge


I stare at the laughter going around the herd. Everything and one laughing at me. I had tried to be big and strong like the other but I was just born this way, small and wimpy. Hunter always got the attention and glory while I’m left to suffer. We are twins except he got the attention because he’s the bigger one. I’ve tried to succeed but I’m not giving up. I was racing Hunter to the lighthouse except when I reached shore he was already there. When I was walking to the heard I fell flat on my face and couldn’t get back up. That’s why everyone was laughing



Today the 18th of July I am going to china. What makes this trip special is that I won’t be going with my parents. I will be going with four other kids and one of their dads. The link below will take you to a blog which will be updated with what I am doing while I am away.

This is the link to the other blog http://qenoskids.qenos.com/applications/internet/qen00386.nsf

Adaptations on Budgerigars


This term Ava and I wrote an information report on the adaptations of a budgerigar. This is the report.

Budgerigars and also known as the common parrot, are green and yellow native birds to the Australian dessert. They have been adapting and living in Australia for over 5 million years.



  1. Budgerigar’s feathers are able to absorb water so they can go longer periods of time without water.
  2. They are brightly coloured (yellow and green) so the sun light reflects off of them so they can stay cool and so they can camouflage in the more greener trees.
  3. They fly in big groups or flocks so they don’t get eaten by predators.
  4. They are able to fly for long periods of time to look for food and water.
  5. They eat lots of dry food to stay hydrated


One of the main adaptations of a budgerigar is its colours. Its bright green and yellow help it camouflage in the wild. They also have a very flexible tongue that allows them to eat seeds and nuts whole. A way they stay cool is their feathers can soak up moisture from the dew in the mornings.  Budgerigars can maintain a small size around 18 – 20cm so they can camouflage better and so it is harder for predators to catch them.


To stay cool budgerigars will bathe in damp grass and will drink up to 5.5% of their body weight daily. To make sure they drink that amount of water they will try to locate themselves near dams, rivers and other water sources. To make sure they are always near a source of water they migrate all year round. This means they do not build nest as they are always leaving and following where the water goes. They will nest in hollow logs and trees. Their flocks can range from 3 – 100 birds. They use these flocks to protect each other by confusing predators like the Australian hobby and butcherbirds by flying in many different directions very fast.

Key adaptations

The key adaptations for the survival of the budgerigars is the way it migrates all year round. This is crucial to its survival because if they don’t migrate they will die of thirst. This adaptation has lead them to adapt the way they nest. They have adapted to nesting in hollow logs trees instead of building nest.  Building nest has become a waste of a budgerigar’s time so using hollow logs and trees means they can spend more time looking for water


They can live in cold and coastal environment and they can even live in dessert
Some areas in the dessert can be very hot and that can lead to budgerigars to die.
Budgerigars are never found in Tasmania, cape York and coastal areas of east and
north Australia.


for our science experiment we used different coloured tubes full of water and put them in the sun to see if the colours kept the budgerigar cool. These are the Results.


This is Our model of a budgerigar. The budgerigar is sitting in the bottom left corner.


Adaptations – the process of change by which an organism or species becomes better suited to its environment.

Camouflage – hide or disguise the presence of (a person, animal, or object)

Moisture – wetness caused by water

Predators – an animal that naturally preys on others

Water sources – is a place that stores or has water

Migrate – an animal that moves from one region or habitat to another according to the seasons.

Flocks – a number of birds of one kind feeding, resting, or travelling together






















I grab my board and race for the water. Getting to big waves took some time, I get there and jump up when the time is right. It is so much fun, hearing the people around me for the glimpse of a second and then. Splash, into the water I go. My mouth fill with salty water. Totally gross. I come to the surface grabbing my board and off I go again, joining back up with Juliet. Splash, I go again, Splash, Splash I wipe-out many times always filling my mouth salt but it feels like it’s filling me with joy. Falling off is the best part. Then suddenly we have to go back to shore.

“Do we have to come in” I groan “I could stay out there until I get hungry”

I start to pull of my wetsuit. It’s so hard and sticky and it makes this peeling kinda sound. It also smells of salt, the salt of joy. I don’t want to take it off and I don’t want to leave the beach.

We walk back to camp and up the stairs, stairs of doom. The stones the rocks the dirt and the sand is not a great combination. And every time you went to the beach you had to go up and down up and down. The only good part was the view. The view was magnificent. The bay was calm just like the day was. Later that day we did the talent contest. The music and the sounds and the talent was amazing. But my group was fantastic. We did a parody to can’t stop the feeling but it was can’t stop the Clinton. We sang and we danced and ended up coming second by half a point. It was the end of such a great day.

Synopsis and Reflection on Coding


Today at school we did a coding lesson.Coding is what the electronic recognize as a command/ language. We went through a website that told us lots of information on coding. We learnt about where coding is used, what it is for, how to read coding and there were little activities along the way. In the activities we played these games that involved using coding to move a robot.We so played that game with our partners. It was a very fun session.

This is my reflection

What I want to learn more about?

I want to learn more about the ways we can get involved with coding and how to use coding on different games and websites.

What I was confused or excited about?

I was a little confused about how you use the brackets at first because I had never seen it before in coding but I got the hang of it by using the games. I was very excited to hear that we were doing coding because we don’t learn about it in the lower years.

How we could improve the program?

Something that could be improved with this program is to teach it to the lower years so we learn a bit about it. I really liked how we worked in a partnership because it meant we could talk and discuss our thoughts.



This  article was about SpaceX’s plan to colonize mars. Three facts I got from the article where SpaceX is making the biggest rocket ever, they also want to make people be on mars by 2025 and they are making a new type of rocket boosters. Two understandings I got from the article where SpaceX is a private company and Mars is like earth. A question I had after watching this article was does mars have a sky?

Semester 2 learning goals


What I want to learn.

This semester I want to learn how to write a short story but have lots of ideas and how to write a good long detailed book and goal reflection. I want to use different words instead of said or and. I want to learn how you work out percentages with big numbers and the basic algebra. I want to learn more about the states of matters and chemical and physical changes. I want to learn and use more scientific language.

I will learn this by staying and referring to my goals during the semester.


Mid-Semester reflection

At mid-semester I think I have achieved part of my goals because I haven’t wrote a short story yet. I have a achieved learning the sates of matter and about physical changes and scientific language  in our science unit. I have not achieved my short story but when I write it I will not use said or I as much as I do now.


Goal Reflection

I think I have achieved parts of my goals because in term 4 we focused a lot on narratives. I wrote a short story that had a lot of ideas that I put into one story. I also didn’t use the word said or and as much as I did. Examples are cried. In maths we didn’t learn about percentages or basic algebra. I will try and learn about algebra and percentages at home. This Semester we didn’t focus on the states of matter but in the class we did a space unit so I was able to use scientific language then.



This video I watched was about the history of the cosmic discovery. Three facts I got from this article were Babylon city state located near modern Bahgdad they recorded lots of observations that helped them make a calendar, Maya a group of Mesoamerican Indians also invented another calendar and an Egyptian invented the Ptolemaic system. Two understanding I got from this article were Egypt has a lot of history and the Maya aren’t around anymore. A question I have after watching the article were why does Babylon city not around anymore.

learning goals for term 4


Science Understandings

Science as a human endeavour

I want to learn about satellites and how it changed the way we see earth and the way we look after our planet.


Earth and space science

I want to learn how the different planets rotate at different speeds and if that might change the effect of people living in space.


Science Inquiry Skills

Recording and processing

I want to learn about how you can make graphs and tallies out of scientific information.

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