My Camp Response


“So Lilly when did you go to Canberra camp?”

“I went to Canberra camp in the year 2016. We left on the 8th of August and we got back on the 12th of august. We had lots of fun.”

“What did you do at camp when you first arrived?”

“We had dinner and then went into the room where we were told our cabins. I was in cabin 14, with Chiara, Cara (my friends) Tiia, Charli and Tara. Tara and Charli talked too much. Every night they would go on about stuff. After we settled in we went and watched a movie. The movie was paper planes. We didn’t get to finish it all.

“So you watched the movie paper planes?”

“Yes we did”

“Well it is my favourite movie of all times. So what did you have for dinner Lilly?”

“We had this disgusting rice with a disgusting tomato and meat sauce. Someone died that’s how bad it was.

“Wait that never happened”

“What are you doing here Indigo?”

“Remember you asked me to come and watch backstage”

“Oh yeah”

“Nobody died at school camp but lots of people got sick. Remember”

“Oh Yeah. Well it was so long ago I can’t remember”

“Well let’s give an around of applause to Lilly the girl can’t remember”

“Hey I hate that name”



This BTN article was about food and how it is being wasted. Three facts I got from this article are a study from Victoria shows that 3.5 kilograms of food is what people have on their plate each day and only i.2 kilograms is getting eaten which means two thirds ends up in the bin, in Adelaide people are going around collecting food from shops butchers, bakery’s and collecting food that can’t be sold and they pick up roughly 45 to 50 tones a month which is enough to feed 150,000 meals. Two understandings I got from the article are people are wasting a lot of food when they could be saving it or giving it to other people who need it and people are trying to make a change to help people who need the food. A question I have after watching this article is why do humans eat with their eyes and not their head?




This BTN article was about testing of beauty products on animals. Three facts I got out of the article are every year, its estimated people around the world spend more than 250 billion dollars on gels, sprays and pastes that promise a better, more attractive you, it all started mid-way through last century when beauty products started becoming really popular but there weren’t many rules about making sure they were safe. So, some people got burned, scarred or even worse from trying out dodgy ones. It forced countries like the United States to introduce laws that forced companies to make sure their products were safe before they could be sold. At the time, they decided the easiest way to do that was to test them on animals, like rats, rabbits, dogs, cats and guinea pigs. Researchers would put the substances on their skin, to look for blistering or scarring, or in their eyes, to test for redness or burning and in the 80s, word about animal testing got out, and over time angry customers forced companies to look for new ways to test products. Here in Australia animal testing doesn’t happen anymore, but it is still legal and on the shelves you can still find heaps of items tested on animals overseas too. That’s why the Government has now stepped in. The Government announced that by July next year animal testing for cosmetics would be officially banned in Australia. The ban will also apply to new cosmetic products tested on animals overseas but not items which are already stocked in shops. The Government hopes those items will be gradually phased out by the companies that make them as well. The Opposition says it agrees with the changes and has promised to bring in similar laws if elected. Two understandings I got from this article are people didn’t like the animal testing because it is cruel and people thought it was alright to test beauty things but it isn’t. a question  have after watching this article is why hasn’t animal testing stopped in all countries?




Goals and Reflections for Semester 1


My goals for semester 1

What do I want to learn?

This semester I’d like to get better at my editing skills and my spelling skills because when I write I like to get all my ideas down and don’t think about my spelling or my punctuation so it makes it hard to edit. I would like to learn algebra and the topics that you learn in year 5/6 that you don’t learn in the lower grades.

How I would like to learn it?

I will learn this by being organised. To stay focused and do at least to five minutes a day to reach my goal.


Goal reflection for semester 1

My writing has been edited more this term because one of my goals was to edit my writing better.  Learnt lots about editing because we did a few writing and lesson on editing. I also learnt about simple, complex and compound sentences the theme and message of the story and what makes a good story so my writing has been more exciting. I didn’t learn any algebra because in maths we didn’t cover that topic. I would like to do algebra next term because we didn’t do it this semester.

Future goals

This semester I want to learn how to write a short story but have lots of ideas and how to write a good long detailed book and goal reflection. I want to use different words instead of said or and. I want to learn you work out percentages with big numbers and the basic algebra. I want to learn more about the states of matters and chemical and physical changes. I want to learn and use more scientific language.

I will learn this by staying and referring to my goals during the semester.


100 word challenge #13


Let me tell you a story about my dog. My dog is a dalmatian and her name is Dotty and she got this name when she was a puppy. When she was a puppy she only had one spot. we took her to the vet they said she would always  have one spot for the rest of her life but one day her spot was getting bigger and bigger by the second we tried to stop it but the spot just grew and grew. We went straight to the vet and on the way the spot got so big it became lots of little spots.




I watch a video on the high court and this is what I learnt.


The high court is the most powerful court in Australia. Here are seven judges that decide on important issues. They have ruled in cases involving generation and indigenous native land tittle. I understand why they said no to Julia Gillard’s idea to take 4,000 refugees for 800 asylum seekers and why Tony Abbott’s won’t support Julia to change the law. what is an asylum seeker?        


High court

100 word challenge #11



I was using the phone when the connection broke, all the lights went out and it was pitch black. All the rooms were silent. Then suddenly there was a noise coming from the door. I went over very slowly because I couldn’t see anything. I opened the door and nobody was there. I went to see if my little brothers were OK because they are scared of the dark. I heard a noise from their bedroom it was like oooooooo, I thought it was a ghost but when I opened the door it was just my brothers. They had tricked me and they were laughing their heads off.



This week’s BTN I watch the episode in the Magna Carta. This is what I learnt.


King John wasn’t supposed to have any power. He was the youngest of a very large royalty family. He raised the taxes that the barons [rich people] had to pay eleven times.  He lost a lot of his empire in the northern France and spent a decade fighting expensive wars to win it back. I understand why the barons wanted to make something like the Magna Carta so King John couldn’t take their stuff  and why the Magna Carta hep make laws and the universal declaration of human rights. Why did they call it the Magna Carta?


Magna Carta

100 word challenge


The house across the road is haunted but that is a story the kids made up, but I just think it an old house falling to bits. That day when I went to school I told Jessica that I wanted to go in it after school. She said no I shouldn’t do it. After school both of us walked past the house. We stopped by the haunted house and Jessica said if I was doing it she would too. We went inside and she was shocked to see a cat. Meow Meow Meow.

Letter to Lee


Welcome to 2016 everyone. I had a very good holiday and I hope you did too


I have a cat too. Her name is Batman. I got her when I was two after my other cat died. I don’t remember her though.



During the year I would like to go deeper into what I all ready know on maths. I would love to focus on my spelling. I don’t like writing but I think if I was better a spelling I would enjoy it more. My favourite classroom subject is maths but my overall favourite is sport. I am a very sporty girl and play a team sport on Sunday. The team sport I play is water polo. Water polo game has seven people in total out playing at a time. One person as goalie and the rest trying to shout a goal


On the holidays my grandparent from America came to Australia for six weeks. I had lots of fun and we took them to many places in Melbourne.  I went to Mrytleford with me brother  for a week. We stayed with my Nanna and Pa. My Pa has a farm and I helped him on it. I love going on the farm. There are lots of cows. At the house they live at I help pick the corn and we gave the scrap to the bull.




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