Predictions on the adaptations of a wild budgerigars


We are doing a research project on animal adaptations on the budgerigars. We have to make predictions on what their adaptations are.

1 A budgerigar feathers are able to absorb water so they can go longer periods of time without water

2 They are brightly coloured (yellow and green) so the sun light reflects off of them and stay cooler and so they can camouflage in the more greener trees

3 They fly in big groups or flocks so they don’t get eaten by predators

4 They are able to fly for long periods of time to look for food and water

5 They eat lots of moist food to keep hydrated

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Facts – red

Understandings – blue

Questions – Green

This BTN was about how there is a computer virus that got into a lot of computer systems. Three facts I got from the article where the computer virus locked up all of your files and the only way to get them back was to pay 400 Australian dollars. The virus hit around 300, thousand computers over 150 countries. The virus hit some hospitals in the UK which made some hospitals temporally shut down which was a risk for lots of people. Two understandings I got from the video where that computer viruses can affect many people not just in one country but in the world and that they can cause a lot of harm to a lot of people. A question I have is how does a viruses start?

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100 word challenge


I race into the cafe to get in the line. I need to get in line for the fastest eaten burger. I finally get to the front and get given a burger. It has three pieces of meat and lots of pieces of cheese lettuce and tomato. The judge is ready and says go. Everyone starts eating but on everyone’s first bite our hands turn to stone and then our arms right down to our legs, and then it starts to creep up to our heads. It is a slow and painful death as it takes over our brain slowly and our body disintegrating.


My goal was to make it have a problem but there not to be a solution. I did this by making the character die.

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Data set

USA 42066

Holland 26544

Canada 35222

Australia 34835

Belgium 32641

Germany 32349

Taiwan 31346

UK 31217

Japan 30866

France 30062

Spain 26662

Italy 26370

Greece 26313

Korea 25256


USA is the richest and Korea is the poorest. The different between USA and Korea is $16810. Spain Italy and Greece are almost the same in wealth. This graph is the right kind of graph because you use a bar graph for categorical data and are large amounts and our data it both of those things.

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facts – red 

blue – understandings 

Questions – green 

This BTN article was about how a new fashion law is being made in France. Three facts I got from the article where Italy, Spain and Israel already have laws which ban models from working if they’re unhealthily skinny. Young teenage models are being pressured to lose more weight. Now in France you have to get a doctor certificate to say you are at a healthy weight to get a fashion job. If you don’t you could get fined up to $100, 000. Two understandings I got from the article where countries in Europe are making laws like this to keep people healthy and so that other people don’t feel pressured to be skinny. They have also made big fines like that so that people will not want to break the law. A question I have is why don’t we have a law like that in Australia?

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100 word challenge


I run to one side of the wide bridge jumping of as it collapses behind me. I land in the water with a small splash and start to swim to the river bank when I reach it I find out it is already occupied by a crocodile. The crocodile is staring at me with its orange eyes and is starting to enter the water. I start to panic about what it will do to me. When the crocodile is within two metres of reach, I run for it. I run to a shop just as it snapped its jaw behind me.

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Facts – Red 

Understandings – Blue 

Questions – Green 

This article was about people donating blood and what they do with it after that. Three facts I got from the article were one is three Australian need blood donated to them at one stage of their life. There is about 5 litres of blood in your body and only half a litre can save up to three lives. When blood is at hospitals it can be used in 22 different medical treatments. Two understandings I got from the article were Blood is very important and can save peoples life’s and lots of people donate blood. A question I have after watching the video was how blood is used when it is separated in its different types?

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100 word challenge


I just couldn’t eat something so disgusting. It was green and slimy and there was a giant bowl of it. It had little black spots through it that were the size of water melon seeds. It was the consistency of jelly. I took the spoon from bedside it still looking at the gloop. I take the tiniest of bites and spit it out as soon as it touches my tongue. It tastes like broccoli and green apple put together with water melon rind. And the little black spots are pitaya seeds. I take it to the toilet and flush it away.

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Facts – red 

Blue – understandings 

Green – questions 

This BTN article was about the threat that North Korea gave Australia. Three facts I got from the article were if North Korea started a nuclear war t wouldn’t last very long because they have an estimate of 10 nuclear weapons compared to Americas and Russia’s estimate of 7,000 nuclear weapons. For around 40 years North Korea has regularly been threatening other countries with war with statements like the one they gave Australia and if they launched one of their nuclear weapons it wouldn’t reach Australia. Two understandings I have after watching the article were Australia is not going to get bombed and we shouldn’t worry about North Korea. A question I have after watching the video was why do North Korea even have nuclear weapons?


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100 word challenge


Drip, drip the sound I awaken to, drip, drip. I sit up wondering where the nose is coming from. Drip, drip. I see the slime drip through my window. Drip, drip the green slippery slime dripping through my window. A monster shape is made out of the slime. It screams, screams at me really loud. I think it’s trying to speak to me but in its own language.

“Hello” I say quietly so I don’t wake anyone else in the house. The monster screams back at me. I grab a jar and open the lid. I let the slime slide into the jar as a pet.

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